Daotian R&D Center

Diamond wire saw product

Brazing diamond wire saw can realize the combination of diamond and solder metallurgy. It has the advantages of high bonding strength, high cutting edge height, large chip space, high cutting efficiency and long service life.It is widely used in cutting hard brittle materials such as silicon chip, silicon ingot, magnetic material, optical glass and gemstone.

Ceramic coating products

This ceramic coating products adopt the proprietary plating technology, the micro corundum particles are coated on the surface of abrasive grain by using low-melting glass as bonding phase which has the character that can wet the abrasive and corundum better, thus forming rough corundum coating. It greatly improves the bonding force of matrixes and diamond abrasive, as well as the self-sharpening of grinding tool and the useful life of grinding.

Vacuum alloy plating products

The vacuum alloy plating products adopt the proprietary plating technology and nano alloying technology , those can be used in preprocessing of electroplating of abrasive. It will be improving he bonding force of matrixes and functions/reinforcements, more than one order of magnitude beyond the ordinary products.
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